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Thanks to our combined 10-year multidisciplinary experience in the art world, we have developed a comprehensive knowledge of what artists need to succeed. We bring a fresh, young, and alternative approach to supporting artists navigating the art and digital worlds, providing that professional knowledge that they lack to receive in their formal artistic education.

Our Services

Online Presence
We help you improve your website
and social media presence.
Sales & Pricing
Learn how to find and connect with collectors interested in supporting your work, receive advice on pricing, and confidently negotiate sales and commissions.
Gallery Rapresentation
We will reach out to national and international galleries on your behalf, negotiate sales, exhibitions, and representation terms and assist you on all the logistics involved.
Art Writing
Get your Artist Biography, Statement and CV professionally written and at gallery standards.
What people say about us
Valentina Orrù
Programme Manager London Creative Network
Founder & Editor -
Professionalism and expertise.
Image Curators Advisory is a brilliant artist support service. At these times when running an art practice has been proving even more challenging than before, the support of art professionals such as Image Curators Advisory can make the difference.
Can't Recommend Enough!
Thank you very much for all your invaluable advice! The consultancy was tailored to my situation, Francesca & Imane showed an incredible attention to detail, professionalism, flexibility, knowledge and passion for what they do so well. I'd definitely recommend the Image Curators Advisory to any creative out there.
Pippa Hale-Lynch
A great team and a pleasure to work with.
Imane and Francesca have been incredibly helpful and generous with their guidance and expertise. They have provided much needed support whilst I navigate these early stages of my art career. They are friendly and professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. I’m looking forward to working with them more in the future!
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Our Values

We bring a fresh, young, and alternative approach in supporting artists because we base our services on...
Our passion is to help artists overcome the challenges they face.
We value straightforward, honest responses to questions and an unwavering commitment to our client’s journey.
We believe that all artists should have the same opportunities and the same information available.
Shared Knowledge
Knowledge acquired through experience should always be shared and used to help others progress in their lives.
Fun & Alternative
Let’s dispel the rumour that the art world is a cold and unfriendly place!
Can You See?
Simona Rusheva
The Emotions of Colours
Joe Webster
Pearls On The River
Viet Ha Tran
Psyche D / EvH
Chuck Elliott
The Kimono
Julia von Kienlin
The Decline of Empires
Dex Hannon
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