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This week, on the third episode of Season 2 of The Artist’s Toolbox, Imane and Francesca discuss the steps that artists need to take to start selling on Instagram. Listen to the episode to discover what you need to do to set up and promote your Instagram shop for the first time.
12th November 2021 | Image Curators Advisory
The Artist's Toolbox Podcast
According to Statista, Instagram has had more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide since 2018. Just imagine that! 60% of users go on Instagram to discover new products and 90% tend to follow a brand, business, or influencer. You can sell and buy on the app and it doesn’t even take commissions!
In this episode you will hear:

1. How to make your profile more attractive and engaging and easily direct collectors to your website/ e-commerce or sign up for your newsletter.
2. How to set up an Instagram Shop and what are the tricks to increase your chances to have a successful application.
3. Tips and Tricks to advertise your Instagram Shop on the app
4. How to create a compelling post that leads to sales opportunities.

Listen now to learn more on how to Sell Art on Instagram
S2 E3: How to Sell Art on Instagram
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