5th August 2021 | Image Curators Advisory
Closing art sales might be a stressful but rewarding process. We’ve devised this simple guide to help you and to make sure that you will have the basics covered when the next collectors will come asking about your art!⁠

It is important to be sensitive with collectors and be prepared to negotiate the sale. So, check out our latest 6 STEPS guide on how to sell to art collectors!
Be transparent from the beginning and be always sensitive with collectors.
Image Curators Advisory

Always Have Your Artist Biography, Statement And Website Portfolio Ready.

By having your Artist Biography, Statement and website portfolio ready to share, you won’t make your collectors wait. Also, by doing so you will increase your credibility and show that your art practice is serious.

Be Prepared To Talk About Your Art.

Most collectors buy art for love and they love to talk about art. Make sure you are prepared to discuss about your artworks. Also, pay attention to what the collector likes the most, so that you can understand their taste.

Don’t Dismiss The Work Of Other Artists

Often collectors would bring up the names of other artist they collect or they like. Keep your opinion always positive and don’t dismiss the work of other artists.

Keep Your Prices Consistent.
All you prices should be consistent, whether you price the work according to size or medium. Whatever is your pricing strategy, make sure that it is the same for all your artworks.

Also, be transparent from the beginning about shipping costs and returns policies. This will show how serious and professional you are about your artworks.

Easy Payment Process.
Make sure you have all the tools available to take any form of payments or offer immediate alternatives. The payment process should be as quick as possible, without risking missing out the sale.

Be Prepared To Negotiate.
Some collectors may not have the means to pay you the full price immediately or may ask a discount. Make sure you keep these factors in consideration and offer different payment plans.

Need More Help?
What do you think of these tips? Do you need expert help to sell your artwork to art collectors? Get in touch with us and book your first consultation to discuss your needs!