3rd March 2022 | Image Curators Advisory
Image Curators Advisory is announcing that on the 7th March 2022 they are launching 3 different growth plans for artists who need help developing their professional career, from finding their signature style to gaining more exposure.

Imane & Francesca are Founders and Directors of Image Curators Advisory
While maintaining a similar approach to their popular tailored consultations, Image Curators Advisory will introduce 3 Growth Plans that will help artists build their career from the basis and grow to success. “We want to refresh our offers while keeping our values and mission unaltered,” said Imane, Co-founder of Image Curators Advisory.

In business since 2019, Image Curators Advisory is a London based advisory supporting artists from all around the globe with their professional development, from selling and promoting their art online, to pricing their works and negotiating with collectors and dealers. Being the only UK artist advisory led by women with 10 years combined first-hand experience in the industry, Image Curators Advisory’s mission is to show that the art world can be fun and inclusive. “We value straightforward and honest responses to any questions and we strongly believe that artists should have the same opportunities and the same information available,” explained Francesca,
Co-founder of Image Curators Advisory. “We want to boost artists' confidence in the business side of their practice,” added Imane.

Over the past 3 years, while helping international artists with their professional development, Imane & Francesca have asked them about the issues and roadblocks they have encountered during their careers. With their feedback in mind, Image Curators Advisory is ready to launch 3 different Growth Plans that will help artists at all stages to overcome several obstacles they may have encountered during their careers.

Specifically, these plans will help beginners and emerging artists with several common issues, such as pricing and negotiating with collectors, presenting and writing fluently about their art, growing their online presence while also finding the right opportunities for more exposure.
The Image Curators Advisory's Growth Plans are tailored for artists at all stages - built by artists for artists. For example, the 2 Months Starter Plan is for those artists who are starting off with their career and need a clear roadmap of what to do and how to do it in order to reach their objective. Whereas, the 4 Months Growth Plan is for emerging artists who need extra help in how to present themselves and their art, and need to work on their online presence. Finally, the 5 Months Professional Plan is for those artists who are seeking to find the right opportunities to strengthen their careers and reach more collectors, dealers and art galleries.

But the offer doesn’t end here! Indeed, fully customisable and with regular support and monthly meetings, these plans will provide artists with clear roadmaps and worksheets that will overcome those obstacles that artists nowadays face in their art journey.