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This week on the show Imane and Francesca are interviewing JD Malat, founder of the JD Malat Gallery. Listen now to discover tips on how to get discovered and how to collaborate with galleries from an experienced dealer and curator who helped several international emerging artists establish themselves.
19th August 2021 | Image Curators Advisory
The Artist's Toolbox Podcast
Interview with JD Malat, Founder of JD Malat Gallery. Courtesy: JD Malat Gallery.
For this episode, we had the honour of interviewing Jean-David Malat, a London based art dealer and curator. Originally from Paris, JD is an internationally recognised curator and art expert who has worked privately with prominent clients and has been in the industry for more than sixteen years.
JD Malat Gallery, London. Courtesy: JD Malat Gallery
Jean-David has discovered, promoted and established over a dozen formerly-unknown artists, and aims to use his years of expertise to bring even more artists to the world’s attention. Through a series of exhibitions and museum shows, JD has helped several artists achieve international acclaim, including Santiago Parra, Conrad Jon Godly, Henrik Uldalen and Kojo Marfo.

In this episode you will learn more about the relationship between art dealers and their artists and receive tips for your artistic career journey.

JD Malat Gallery, London. Courtesy: JD Malat Gallery
The aim of this show is to create an honest, fun, educational and inspirational space that delivers high-value advisory content to support talented artists navigating the art and digital worlds; providing professional insights that improves the listener’s knowledge helping them to successfully run their art business and get more exposure for their art.

Listen now to learn what you should be doing to grow your art career and receive guidance from the Image Curators Advisory as well as other leading industry experts!

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