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This week on the show Imane and Francesca discuss Art Licensing and how this can help you make money from your art. It’s an aspect of the art industry that somehow still seems to be mysterious to a lot of artists. Art Licensing is a great opportunity for artists interested in working with bigger companies and creating a source of passive income for their art business. Get ready for your next art licensing!⁠

2nd September 2021 | Image Curators Advisory
The Artist's Toolbox Podcast
In this episode you will hear how to:

  1. What is Art Licensing
  2. Things you need to look out for when researching potential companies and competition
  3. Why creating a dedicated and organised portfolio is important
  4. The importance of remaining the sole copyright holder of the licensed work
  5. Negotiating terms and agreements and seeking to receive royalties instead of simple flat fees
  6. Why you should follow up with companies that you haven’t heard from yet.
  7. The power of connecting with artists that are already licensing their work and with the people in charge at the company you want to license your work to
  8. Ways to try self-licensing
Things to Know About Art Licensing
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