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This week, on the show Imane and Francesca discuss the problem with art scams and how to avoid them.
26th November 2021 | Image Curators Advisory
The Artist's Toolbox Podcast
Also when you find out that they are scammers, resist the urge to engage them in any way. If you go through a few emails only to realize it’s a scam, stop all contact. And never give your personal information straight away. This is not only for the art scams but for any transactions - legit or not.
In this episode you will hear:

  1. How to verify the legitimacy of the person you suspect being a scammer
  2. What to do when if an art scammer reaches out to you
  3. How to spot fake sales enquiries
  4. What are the most common payment scams
S2 E4: How to Recognise Art Scams
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