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Introductory Consultation
We'll offer you a free 30 minutes consultation to give you the opportunity to meet us, talk about your work and needs, address any questions you may have and discuss what we can offer you.
We will follow up with our official and tailored offer which we will set out the terms of our collaboration with you, including time frames and competitive prices.
As we value your trust we will draft and sign with you an agreement that will clearly state our responsibilities towards you and any other agreed terms of our collaboration.
Then... we will be ready to start!
Let us help you
We support all artists, no matter their career stage.

Prices start from £90.
Online Presence
Improve your website and social media presence. We provide you with a clear roadmap of the steps you need to take to improve your image and boost your online outreach, set up an e-commerce website for your artworks and professionally edit your artwork images. Save your time with an established process tailored to your needs, instead of approaching things by feeling or continuing to guess what's wrong with what you’re doing.
Sales & Pricing
Collectors are looking for new and exciting artworks that reflect their taste and their loyalty goes to the artist who curates a consistent portfolio of work they want to collect. In addition, finding the right pricing strategy for your artwork can be difficult, but we work with you to find and connect with collectors interested in supporting your work, advise on pricing decisions and confidently negotiate sales and commissions.
Galleries Outreach
Not knowing what art dealers are looking for or how to approach them can cause problems even to the most talented artists. We are here to help you avoid the pitfalls, so you can invest your time in doing what you enjoy the most: making art. We will reach out to national and international galleries on your behalf, negotiate sales, exhibitions, and representation terms and assist you on all the logistics involved. Having an agent or manager helps grow your career, adds credibility, and raises questions about your viability as an emerging artist by curators and collectors alike.
Art Writing
Take advantage of our art writing services and get your artist biography, statement, and CV written at gallery standards. Having a professional artist biography will help you to further advantage yourself in the art market by giving you confidence in talking about your artistic practice and background. Our artists have used our biography and statement for applications, galleries, and magazine features.

Biography & CV - £180
Artist Statement - £160
Biography, CV & Artist Statement - £320

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