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22nd July 2021 | Image Curators Advisory
The Artist's Toolbox Podcast
Unleash your potential with The Artist's Toolbox, a weekly podcast from Image Curators Advisory that provides honest, free advice from real industry insiders to help artists resolve obstacles encountered during their career.

The Artist’s Toolbox, hosted by Image Curators Advisory's founders Imane Bouhlou and Francesca Budini Gattai, is the podcast dedicated to supporting emerging artists with advice on how to present and sell their artworks online.

This show provides comprehensive solutions to help artists achieve clarity in their artistic research, make the most of the available digital tools and introduce themselves in the art world.

You will find regular content that will enable passionate emerging artists like you, to up-skill and stay up to date with art marketing trends to navigate the art industry. You can also look forward to hearing interviews and insights from leading experts in the art business including international curators, gallerists, art dealers, art journalists and art marketers.
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Image Curators Artist Advisory | Connect, Inspire and Sell
The aim of this show is to create an honest, fun, educational and inspirational space that delivers high-value advisory content to support talented artists navigating the art and digital worlds; providing professional insights that improves the listener’s knowledge helping them to successfully run their art business and get more exposure for their art.

Listen now to learn what you should be doing to grow your art career and receive guidance from the Image Curators Advisory as well as other leading industry experts!

The Artist's Toolbox Podcast is available to listen on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast and Amazon Music!

Also, if you have any questions or topics that you would like us to discuss about in the next episode, please write us an email at or Dm us on Instagram